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Why were these teams recommended in the Candor newsletter?

Hey all,

I enjoy the Candor newsletter, and saw in the latest newsletter that the author shortlisted several teams, for instance at Amazon the author shortlisted Amazon Luna, Amazon Halo,
and Amazon Music, calling them “smart bets”. I was wonder why the author recommended these teams. Isn’t the pay on these teams the same as any other team? Is there some useful skillset you would learn on one of these teams? Is it because being on those teams gives bragging rights when you next apply to a job? Or is it because there’s chance to work on an important project and be promoted internally within the company?

Thanks for any insight :slight_smile:


From what I understand, it’s the combination of all 3. I’ve spoken to Candor before about my career and they’re brilliant strategists when it comes to picking between multiple offers/ options.
For me my goal was to get promoted in my next role so we looked at which of the offers I had would give me the best chance of that- it was genuinely insightful. The thought behind it is that it’s not just about how much money you make from taking the job but what your promotion trajectory would look like. Their detailed knowledge of several of the companies I asked about was downright frightening.