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Virtual Onsite Interview, Debrief, Communications

My virtual onsite interview for a role in Commnications was last week, and I received the phone call yesterday with no job offer. As we all know, they can’t reveal much information in the way of feedback, but I could glean that their primary response was that I would work better on a team of content producers. I was told I’d be a good fit at Amazon and exemplified many of their leadership principles. That was the recruiter’s exact words. Top sheet = enjoyed interviewing you and keep applying.

Just a bit of background on myself, I am a filmmaker who did the exact job, a solo shooter/editor, for 3 years. My career has taken me to the point where I now handle bigger budgets and more crew.

I couldn’t tell all of the questions they asked exactly, but I can say this: A to Z prep guide is on point with preparing stories and answering their questions.

Here was my failure: In preparing my stories, I focused more on stories that showcased LP rather than stories tailored to the job description. Why wouldn’t you tell stories that matched the description? That’s a good question. As I mentioned earlier, my career has since progressed beyond the job description. So I fell into the trap, of telling more recent stories, and to me, resulted in better products and outcomes but did not showcase the exact skills they wanted to hear.

It’s a strange place to dig back into a skill set that you feel like you’d graduated from. I was interested in the job because I am looking for a door into Amazon, and it was the job that I knew I could do (maybe even overqualified).

So the lesson for everyone else: When packaging your LP stories, ensure that they match the job description even if they may not be the most recent and best example of your current skillset. I hope this doesn’t seem elementary to everyone. Still, from my own experience, the prep for FANG behavioral questions caused me to get lost in looking at my resume and hunting for stories that were the BEST LP examples.

Yes, my stories matched the job description’s professional acumen, but they did not match the daily execution exactly. That was my failure.

Because it’s tough to hear that you think you are qualified and a good fit at Amazon, but not for the job you spent weeks prepping for and a day interviewing for.


These are helpful takeaways. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Thank you for that context. I was digging though the forum to find more information on how to prep for the behavioral interview and this was extremely insightful to read and I haven’t heard this advice given before.

Daily execution vs job description distinction really helps.

Also was wondering whether to get the course and since it was helpful to you I will also go it.

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Thank you for the question. I would absolutely endorse the course. It answers all of the motivation for how to prep your answers. For me, it triggered memories of several really good work experience stories that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought to include. The course works. When I got the call from the recruiter they stated that I exemplified many leadership principles. They said I’d make a good Amazonian and wanted me to wait for an opening on a different team. So that was a win! Not the right fit for this role (because of my explanation above) but still positive feedback from the interview team.