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Video during interviews

Is it bad if I ask my interviewer to turn on their camera during the interview? My last interview was a bit awkward because my camera was on, but my interviewer had their camera off the whole time. Normally during on-sites, it’s more interactive and I can gauge how the interviewer is feeling about my responses. Definitely do not want to say something that would piss off the interviewer or make me seem difficult. Curious to hear your thoughts and what you would do…

Wait - someone had an onsite with you and their camera was off the whole time? That would freak me out.

This is also shocking to me! It’s quite rude of them to do so but unfortunately it is what it is. Telling them to turn their camera on and getting negative comments is far worse than just powering through despite it being slightly awkward.

While unfortunate, the interviewer is the one that can decide if you get the job or not. Piss them off and you might not get the job! Hopefully this doesn’t happen again, but if it does just go with the flow.

That totally sucks! Hopefully it doesn’t happen in the future. Great that you erred on the side of caution and didn’t say anything that would piss off the interviewer. If you end up getting the job, you might consider letting your manager/someone on the team know about this experience so future candidates don’t have to go through this.