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UX Recruitment (new grad)

Hi everyone! I’m a college junior and hoping to recruit for UX jobs next year. I don’t see much about it in the community but I know it’s tech-y, so figured I’d ask! UX recruitment is so confusing and scattered. I think it’s because it’s a newer field, but it’s just super hard to find resources, recruitment timelines, etc…I don’t even know when I should start getting ready to interview.

Do you have any recommendations to help me prep for UX interviews? What are some of the companies I should be targeting?

Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile: This looks like an awesome forum, I’m excited to keep looking around

I’m not in UX but my little sister just went through recruitment this year. It sounds like it can be super tough to find stuff, so I wanted to jump in and help! She went to 2-3 online conferences and said that was her best resource. They usually charge an entry fee, but a lot of them were free because of COVID. They have company talks, networking events/one on one chats, etc…

She also did the Adobe design challenge and maybe one other one, but I can’t remember the company name. Adobe is one of the more prestigious ones though. Another great way to network and get some actual design experience with a team.

She has a UX offer with a great design consultancy now! I’ll DM you with her LinkedIn profile, if you want to reach out and chat with her some more about prep.