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Upcoming team matching interview at TikTok

Hello, I passed my 3 rounds of interviews at TikTok (2 rounds of coding followed by a final system design round). HR reached out to me and said they will be scheduling a team match interview early next year. Does anyone know what to expect from this process? Will it be more of me asking questions, them asking questions, or both? Thanks.

Not sure what the process is like at TikTok, but typically it’ll depend on your interview performance.

If you did really well and many teams want you, you’ll have more options to pick from and teams will be confident in your skillset/contributions. Example questions you might ask: Do you find the team interesting? Is the team a good fit for you? These are the types of questions you’ll be able to ask if you are the one that has options to pick from.

If only 1-2 teams want you, you’ll definitely have fewer options. While you can still ask the same type of fit questions, the team will likely be more critical to make sure you are a good match. If you end up with only 1 option, you can either take the offer or wait for more teams but there is oftentimes a delay.