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Tips and Advice for Aspiring PM

Hi Candor community,

I’m currently a freshman in college studying marketing. I recently learned about the PM role and it seems like the exact type of work I’d like to do in the future. Should I change my major to something more technical? Is there a path that can increase my chances of getting a PM role? Any advice helps!



Here are some helpful articles to read from our website to get you started!

Really loved the PM resume guide, thank you for sharing!!

You definitely don’t need to be super technical for some companies (Facebook) but others will require technical knowledge (Google). Depending on your “dream” company, you may have to pivot your major.

Building a product is definitely a good starting point and will make you stand out. If you have some friends with engineering backgrounds, work with them to build something. Identify a user need and create an innovative solution! It should be a fun side project!

Good friend of mine got a Google APM role from studying computer science & journalism. Honestly, seems like a lot of combos could be a good fit