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The Twitter Bonus situation is total BS - don't go there

I have nowhere to vent so I’m going to do it here- I work at Twitter right now and I just sickened by the bonus situation. I have busted my ass at this company, which let me tell you is a rarity around here when most people are just not grinders around here. Now I hear out of nowhere that bonuses are getting cut. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Basically if you haven’t heard - please read this and avoid working at this company because they can screw you over too if you join. Here are the absolute facts:

  • Twitter stock is up 100% since last year, especially last 6 months

  • Twitter goes out and acquires a bunch of companies, supposedly because we have the money

  • Now for the good part- we all got told that we will get merely 7% of employee bonuses tied to corporate performance.

Fine- we’re getting our whole personal performance bonus. But, I’m sorry - a company going out on an acquisition spree, with a soaring somehow can’t afford to pay what they promised? WTH.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way

That’s completely ridiculous. I would pack my stuff and leave if I were you.