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Stripe interview prep

So I have a Stripe interview coming up for a Data Analyst role. Anyone gone through one of these at Stripe before? Anything tricky I should expect? Appreciate any insight!

My girlfriend was just telling me about her interview. What a coincidence that you asked!

She said that the interview was 3/4 technical 1/4 behavioral. The technical question was SQL debugging. You have to figure out the error, fix the error, and bring yourself to the intended solution.

For cultural fit, make sure you understand Stripe’s product and review the company’s mission and goals. She said the behavioral questions weren’t all that challenging - you just need to do a bit of prep and research if you aren’t super familiar with all the details. Pretty standard overall.

Does your gf remember the type of question she had to debug? Not quite ready to apply to yet but slowly ramping up my prep here and there.