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Sr.Business Analyst - Hiring Manager Interview - Urgent

Hi Niya-
I have an Amazon interview with hiring manager for Sr. Business Analyst. Can you advice on what questions or LPs he will focus on? I see a lot of Program Manager or Engineering role specific answers in the course LP guidance, but just wanted to check if you have any advice on the questions for BA roles.


Hello, For this role I most frequently see Ownership, Bias for Action, and Dive Deep. Occasionally for more senior roles also Deliver Results + Disagree and Commit tend to come up. Hope this helps!

Thanks Niya, this helped. Interview with Hiring Manager went well.

crossing fingers Let me know how it goes!

Hey Niya - just saw the email update - I received a virtual onsite interview call.
Could you please advise on that, I was wondering is there a way you/team can take my mock interview for the final round preparation. Thanks, again.