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Should you work at Microsoft?

I’ve been at Microsoft for close to 7 years now, and the experience has been so great. Spoiler: you should come work at Microsoft!

I started with an internship and got a return offer to work after undergrad graduation. To be quite honest, I was on the edge when I got the return offer: graduate school/research or industry experience at Microsoft. I, obviously, took Microsoft and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve seen Microsoft grow and innovate over the past 7 years—clearly reflected in the stock price. With overall company growth, I’ve been able to develop my skills (both technical and soft) too.

I look forward to going to work daily because of the brilliant colleagues I interact with. There is a great technical atmosphere across the team and Microsoft has so, so many resources. We’re also increasingly embracing open source projects.

Specifically speaking for engineering, Microsoft has always been great in the industry. There is strictly implemented code reviews, very specific coding style specifications, and strong CI/CD processes.

During my time at Microsoft, as the company has embraced greater innovation, my technical capabilities have grown immensely as well. I have learned and applied a diverse set of programming languages and have applied various development pipelines.

Since I’ve stayed and have never really considered leaving Microsoft to explore other opportunities, I’ve seen many of my colleagues leave and come back! They seem to enjoy the culture and work they do so much that their startup/new experiences are unable to compare.

Outside of the work you do, Microsoft offers many benefits (some of these are obviously restricted during the pandemic but we’ll hopefully be returning to the office soon):

  1. 15 days of PTO + 15 days of paid sick leave
  2. A great (in office) desk set up with 4K monitors and other hardware options
  3. All the snacks (both healthy and unhealthy) you could imagine
  4. Leisure environments (gyms, dance studios, arcade, game room, sports courts)
  5. Elaborate team outings and family outings
  6. Shuttles to and from work

In summary, the work and learning experiences are great, but if that doesn’t sell you the perks should definitely seal the deal :slight_smile:

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very interesting perspective and definitely makes me want to consider microsoft in the near future. thanks for sharing

Glad I could be helpful!

Thanks for sharing! Did you have other offers you were choosing between? How did they differ from MSFT?

Would you ever consider going to another big tech company? Seems like average tenure for tech companies ranges between 2-5 years so it’s super impressive that you’ve been at Microsoft for close to 7 years!

Thanks for this post. Just what I needed to read. I will be joining Microsoft and I couldn’t be more excited.