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Salary expectation question @ Amazon?

How should I answer the salary expectation question from my recruiter? A friend told me that she butchered the question and the recruiter said that they couldn’t continue the interview process because her expectations were too high. I don’t want to find myself in a similar situation so any advice would be helpful! Thanks in advance.


Hey there,

I would suggest reading through this

But tldr: You never want to give salary expectations if you can avoid it.

  • Push back by saying you’re not ready to discuss yet and you haven’t done enough research to answer.

  • If that doesn’t work, ask for the salary band and give the highest number as a “placeholder”


this is super helpful with my amazon screen coming next week! any other resources to check out?

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Oh yikes that’s scary. As a general principle, don’t give them salary expectations that early. Make them give you the offer first, DONT REACT, and take some time to look it over. Then you can figure out if its fair or if you want to negotiate.

That’s a sticky situation tho. Maybe she should’ve asked for the salary range? That way, you understand what people typically get in that role. I’ve done it before and it’s defintely helpful to know before you get an offer

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i took niya’s advice about asking for the salary band and giving the highest number so you won’t end up getting a lowball offer. everything ended up working out for me this way so i encourage you to do the same. much more flexibility later on compared to restricting yourself to a salary that you don’t really want or even having the recruiter stop the interview!

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This is super helpful! Looks like other people have found success with this strategy too. Interview is coming up soon and am glad I’ll be prepared for this question. @niya Any other tips for me?

when should people expect this question during interviews? phone screen or in later rounds?

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My recruiter asked this question during the phone screen. I followed a similar approach with asking for the salary band and left room for negotiation. Don’t have my offer quite yet, but hopefully they end up giving me the amount I asked for (higher end of the salary band).

Thank you all for the advice and tips. I can confirm that the strategies Niya mentioned work and should be used. Best of luck to everyone interviewing.