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Quora DS Onsite

The hiring manager was at the interview and first asked me to describe my experience, past projects and things I’m proud of.

Here’s the other two questions I got:

  1. The engineer puts forward an idea for a new algorithm, saying that the number of upvotes can be increased, and asks how you can check whether it will indeed be improved. (hint - it’s a simple A/Btest)
    Then he asked what test tI’d use, I said first use t-test, he said what assumptions, when it comes to normal, he said that it must not be normally distributed. Then I said that otherwise nonparametric or bootstrapped t-test can be used. He continued to ask how to use bootstrapped t-test, I said bootstrapped out two mean confidence intervals and then see if they overlap.
  2. Now we know that this algorithm has indeed increased upvotes, but found that the number of answers has decreased. What do you think is the reason? . . I thought about this for a while, and said that one of the users tested in this algorithm may have more authority points/ reputation answering questions, so that their answers will have more upvotes. As a follow on assumption I said that people may not leave additional comments once a highly rated user answers since they may trust their answer as right.

Then I got a chance to ask a few questions.

Originally it was supposed to be 45 minutes, but only lasted 30 minutes.


was it just one interview for the whole onsite? i;m confused, pls clarify

did you get any kind of feedback/do you know how you did? would love some tips, esp if you got an offer

Sorry for not being clear. This was just for one of the interviews that ended up being ~30 min.