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Product Sense: Does "mission" really matter?

Since the components mentioned below are not included as part of the FB PM Course (Product Sense section). So I want to confirm the relevance of the components mentioned below from an interviewer’s perspective.

  • Company Mission - Talking about the company mission and how the area being evaluated is relevant to the mission
  • Competition - To find out opportunities that will make the solution stand out. (I understand this one may be optional)

My concerns -
(1) Which ones if not mentioned will be a red flag.
(2) My understanding is that the level of depth of the answer also is a factor to determine the level that you get hired at. Is that not the case?

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Hi Jay,

  • Company mission → this is very important and a natural part to discuss as part of the goals section: talk about what the company does, it mission and how this product fits into it, i.e. its goal (Facebook cares about this a lot, and so does Lyft)
  • Competition → I’m not sure what you mean by that. Certainly, competition is a good factor to keep in mind when evaluating solutions (solutions with low competition/unmet needs are more impactful)
    • If you’re asking whether you should do an extensive competitive landscape analysis as part of the product sense interview: I don’t recommend it. Overly focusing on competitors is likely going to steer you to very incremental solutions.

The primary drivers of leveling are behavioral interviews + communication skill in the other two interviews (having hard skills in product sense/analytical is considered tablestakes and primarily drives whether you get an offer at all)


Really interesting and super helpful. Thanks David.

No further questions regarding the Company mission. And you answered everything I had in my mind regarding Competition. I have been a victim of spending more time than I would like to, so your reply will help to review my approach and stay focussed. Thanks.

Also thanks for sharing your thoughts on leveling. Really insightful.

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