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Product Sense: "approach" for other questions


I really like the approach shared in the FB PM design course to handle design questions. Can I please request you to share your thoughts on handling design questions that are not specifically “Design X” type?

Ultimately trying to find out your recommendation on the best way to think through questions where your approach will not fit in?

  • For example, consider the design question - “You are a PM at Doordash. User researchers in your company spoke with XYZ customers and found out they are not happy. Identify the feedback and how would you improve the situation”?

  • Until now, I have been following a generic user-centered approach -> Who /Why/ What, etc. But after going through your course I am wondering if there is a more optimal approach that doesn’t seem very rigid

Thanks so much.

This is not the type of question you’d get at Facebook (or Lyft). There’s careful calibration over the types of questions interviewers ask, and product sense questions all follow a repeatable pattern.

I’m not sure I even understand the question. It seems like it could possibly be a question about “What feedback do you think we’ve received”, in which case it’s really just plain “Improve Doordash” question. Or perhaps it’s a prioritization question, where you’d be expected to ask the interviewer about the feedback and prioritize what to act on?

Regardless, definitely not something you’ll get at Facebook/Lyft. (at Google, individual interviewers have far more latitude with question, so perhaps this question is not outside the realm of possibility there)

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing the background about calibration that’s helpful.

I actually heard from an interviewee that something similar was recently asked at Lyft as well. The scenario in question was specific to Lyft. The user researchers spoke with customers who take public transit and Lyft together.

Your interpretation that this may ultimately be an ‘Improve Lyft’ or a ‘Prioritization’ question makes a lot of sense. In any case, looks like something that will require a bit of a probing exercise with the interviewer. And that will help with the direction to take. Thanks.

Ah yes, certainly. The question was probably “We’ve heard from users that they often compare public transit and Lyft before making a decision” which is just a reframing of a regular product sense question (“How would you add public transit options to the Lyft app”).

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Have been introspecting over your comments. Thanks so much David. I think as I am practicing, applying your thought process is helping me a lot!!