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Product design questions help

Hey y’all,

I’ve been interviewing for PM roles and I’ve been getting stuck on some of the product design questions. I feel like there are so many formulas out there on how to answer them/what to include/what not to include that its making my head hurt…

Any tips on how to tackle these? Or anyone know of some of the most common ones at Facebook (that’s my dream company)

For Facebook, the product design type questions would be in the produce sense round. The questions you get might be:

  • Design a social travel product for Facebook
  • Design a jobs product for Facebook
  • Design a product to help users find a doctor on Facebook

There are other companies that have physical product design questions like “design a blender for a blind person” which in my opinion is much harder.

For Facebook, I would start by using every single product they have and familiarize yourself with features. This means, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Then in your interview, you’ll have better product intuition and make connections across products.

Here’s an article with a framework to use: