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Netflix's Culture Deck

Hi Community, this email containing Niya’s smart bets (recommendation for Netflix) is timely because I am reading No Rules Rules. Having previously applied for Netflix, I’d read over the culture deck but my perception that it was Amazon’s LP’s in Netflix-speak. I’ve researched but couldn’t find the timing of when Amazon formally introduced the 14 LPs, though Bezos was talking about customer obsession as far back as 1997. Netflix released its culture deck in 2009, so there was probably some synchronicity in the concepts being developed by both companies in how to manage highly talented employees in a rapidly changing environment.

The book is a fantastic read into the heart of WHY of Netflix’s culture deck. Reading the deck over the superficial perception is you need to perform and if you don’t you are critiqued until you are fired. Not the case at all. The primary motivation is to create a culture that is dense with talent that continually pushes each other through collaboration that is incredibly transparent in feedback and what’s expected of their employees, but not mean-spirited. In fact, Netflix fires the mean spirited employees or brilliant jerks. The net effect is that the entire organization is on a rapid improvement cycle that washes out mediocrity.

So to my community, any suggestions on best practices for appearing on Netflix’s Creative Production Team’s radar?

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Are you part of the LinkedIn group Candor has? I’ve had luck just asking people on there directly for intros.


Hi, thank you for your reply. I didn’t know about the group. I need to look for it and join. Appreciate the tip!

Here’s the link to our group if you haven’t found us yet: