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Microsoft Program Manager Interview Questions

You should expect to get 4-5 different types of questions during your Microsoft PM interviews. Here are some questions to get you started, but I’ve found that Candor has a lot of Microsoft PM questions in their question bank:

Tell me about yourself
Why Microsoft?
Why PM?
Why PM at Microsoft?
Tell me about a past project
What makes a PM a good PM?
What do go PMs do and don’t do?
How do you know what your customers want?
What’s your favorite Microsoft product and how would you improve it?

Product Design:
Design a kitchen
Design a TV
Design a TV remote with only 5 buttons
Design a blender for the blind
Improve UI/UX for an existing product

You’re the PM at a startup that works with big data. What are your top 3 priorities?
You’re in charge of a production chain. What process would you use to optimize the production process?
You want to switch the side of the road people drive on. What is your approach?

Questions can vary from role to role, so touch up on your technical skills since Microsoft is more technical than many other PM roles
How does the internet work?
What is the difference between C++ and Java?
Explain the Cloud to a 5 year old

Miscellaneous: (depends on your interviewer and specific role)
Expect product analysis (metric setting), estimation, and puzzle like questions

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing with the community.

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