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Microsoft PM video interview

from my video round

  1. Tell a story about a time you had to solve a problem at work
  2. Design an app for car parking reservation system
  3. How would you improve linkedin?
  4. How to design an app for elementary school students?
  5. If you have a conflict with the team, how would you convince each other?
  6. What is the difference between java and python?
  7. How to explain cloud computing to your grandma?
  8. How to explain recursion to a 5-year-old child?

i did not expect the technical questions and was not well prepared… I am still waiting for the schedule on-site, and I am a little panicked.


not clear from post if this was one or multiple interview - can you break it down to be more clear? :nerd_face:

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was this pm or tpm? because i didn’t expect the technical questions

Would like to know as well! I have my video round for PM next week and am not too comfortable with technical questions.