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Lyft Interview Advise vs Facebook Course


I have an interview with Lyft in a week and a half. Any difference in the Facebook course than the Lyft interview or do they track nearly the same? I know you said they were pretty close but wasn’t sure if there was anything else to watch out for.

Thanks for the help. Love what you do!

Very close. The product sense interview is the same, the analytical (execution) interview is similar except you should expect only 1 question and to go deeper on that question.

For example, a common type of analytical question is troubleshooting (e.g. “Rides are down 20%, why?”), but unlike Facebook you’ll be expected to come up with a root cause (i.e. you’ll ask the interview “Is X also down?”, “Is Y also down?”, etc. until you can confidently come up with a hypothesis of the root cause).

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How do you go about establishing a goal in a Lyft interview vs Facebook interview when the question may not be about creating a product for Lyft’s business?

What I mean is, when the task is to “Build a product that helps people find a doctor” in a Facebook interview, you can relate it back to the company mission since it’s usually in the context of improving the Facebook product. But if Lyft were to ask that question, how would you frame the goal? Would “Help people find a doctor” just straight up be the goal or would you augment it in some way?


Lyft product sense questions are almost related to Lyft’s business, e.g. build Lyft for kids, build Lyft for seniors, etc, so you can you use the Lyft company mission.

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