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I DID IT! Google Product Analyst / Data Science end to end

First off- thank you Candor! I must admit I have been interviewing for FANG roles for 2 years now and I couldn’t believe it when the offer came. Everything Candor says in the workshops and material is to be done is right

Here I put my experience to help others after me~~~

How long it take

9/10 I get email from HR/ recruiter to fill in a questionnaire. here Candor said not to fill in salary, I am sure glad I listened
9/16 Email from recruiter to schedule a screen
9/27 Technical phone interview
10/12 I hear back that they are moving me to a virtual onsite now
10/15 Virtual onsite day ! I felt I should have studied more but here we go
10/22 I hear back from the hiring committee

Now I am complete team match and negotiating for the salary. Very happy!

Here is the question I remember I got in the onsite for those of you prepping:

Google want to increase the font size of the SIGN UP button by 2.

  1. How to choose the KPI?
  2. How to size experiment correctly? How long experiment should run?
  3. What dashboard would you make?
  4. How to test if the effect is real?


Also I want to say don’t get discouraged - it took me multiple tries but now I’m here at my dream job.


hey thanks for posting this- it inspired me to write a longer post on what i missed in my fb ds interview.

We love to hear success stories! Congrats!

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Thank you and the Candor team for creating a platform for everyone to work together and share insights :slight_smile: