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How to start a career in PM?

Hello Candor community,

I’m currently working in marketing at a startup (past 3 years) and want to make the switch to PM in the next 1-2 years. Any tips on how to get started? The goal is to be a PM at Facebook or Google in the future.

Thanks :smiley:

Great that you have some startup experience. In my opinion, there are lots of skills that are transferable from marketing to product. Thinking about the user, working with XFN partners, are some that come to mind.

I don’t know what type of marketing role you are in, but if it was very far from the product, you might consider a PMM role first. That way, you can spend some time developing product sense and intuition. It could be a perfect segue into PM.

Definitely talk to other PMs to see what skills they have that you have or may need to further develop.

Following this post! Thank you for the advice @zhangarang