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Here's my doordash experience

i’m liking this forum and want to contribute so here is my experience

from onsite:

interview question i remember

Imagine you have an array like this (note that the array has duplicates, and includes 0 and k): a = [4, 64, 200, 42, 56, 22, 1, 64, 0, 161, 200, 0 , 42]
What you know about this array is that

  1. Values ​​are integers
  2. Values ​​are non-negative and less than some number, for example: 0 <= value <= k, where k is an integer

To start, can you please write some code to sort this array using any algorithm you want and not using the library functions.


Thanks for sharing @rajesh

Super helpful rajesh, thanks! Any tips for the doordash interview? I’m thinking of applying and want to know what I’m getting into haha