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Guideline for "What's your favorite product and why" questions?

What is the best structure to describe our favorite product?

This is a question testing pure product intuition. The biggest mistake people make is picking a product that’s already widely loved and have a generic opinion on why it’s successful (i.e. a good majority of people choose an Apple product)

Instead, you should pick a product area where you have a genuine, differentiated opinion on what the product gets right. You should genuinely be a passionate user of the product — it’s fine if it’s quite niche: maybe a product that helps people with a particular hobby/sport, a product for car lovers or the like.

Don’t pick something that sounds big, pick something where you intimately understand user’s needs. You should have a clear perspective on what everybody else misses about in this space.

Separately, you should know that this question is actually quite uncommon at Facebook in particular, since Facebook tests product intuition in product sense only (and that’s very structured) and leadership & drive is only about people. (the question is semi-common at Google and very common at startups)

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