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Google technical interview questions

Pulled some questions from a document my friends and I have been using for collecting interview questions. I didn’t personally interview at Google, but one of them did. Sharing two questions:

1: Implement a magic directory with buildDict, and search methods. For the method buildDict, you’ll be given a list of non-repetitive words to build a dictionary. For the method search, you’ll be given a word, and judge whether if you modify exactly one character into another character in this word, the modified word is in the dictionary you just built.

Example 1:
Input: buildDict([“hello”, “leetcode”]), Output: Null
Input: search(“hello”), Output: False
Input: search(“hhllo”), Output: True
Input: search(“hell”), Output: False
Input: search(“leetcoded”), Output: False

Note: You may assume that all the inputs are consist of lowercase letters a-z. For contest purpose, the test data is rather small by now. You could think about highly efficient algorithm after the contest. Please remember to RESET your class variables declared in class MagicDictionary, as static/class variables are persisted across multiple test cases. Please see here for more details.

2: Given an m x n matrix of non-negative integers representing the height of each unit cell in a continent, the “Pacific ocean” touches the left and top edges of the matrix and the “Atlantic ocean” touches the right and bottom edges. Water can only flow in four directions (up, down, left, or right) from a cell to another one with height equal or lower. Find the list of grid coordinates where water can flow to both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.

Note: The order of returned grid coordinates does not matter. Both m and n are less than 150.