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Google product intvw experience video round

i dont remember everything sorry but i will update when i go to onsite in 2 weeks

product design:
Design a product to help split bill.

product strategy:
Walk me through how you’d launch a product.

for the second one ( ps) I did:
1 pre-launch (talk about the experiment in small market)
2 launch day (my idea is 4P
3 After launch (talk about success metric)

Have others gotten this- how did you do it?


For non-CS majors, I would like to ask , besides interviewing product design, etc., does PM have a technical side?

i’ve heard that it’s only system design/ high level stuff and sometimes definitions like " what is machine learning".

It’s mainly system design high level concepts - there’s a few good courses like grokking the sys design interview that address this well.

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Does Facebook’s PM process differ from this or should I prepare for system design too?

Facebook and Google have very different PM interviews. You can take a look at Candor’s course pages to get a high level summary to compare the differences: