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Google Interview Experience + Prep Tips

First round was coding. The interviewer showed up late but he was overall very happy with my answers. He asked some strange follow up questions that tested my knowledge of JavaScript. He was very nice and seemed to be aware of his strange questions given that he guided me through questions that were too specific.

Second round was system design, again with a friendly interviewer. The question was quite basic and she was happy with my response. She didn’t ask many follow ups and we ended early as a result. Overall the best round during my 3 rounds of interviews.

Final round was with an impatient interviewer. He didn’t seem too pleased my responses and added some behavioral questions despite it being another system design round.

Got feedback and only the third interviewer had some negative feedback; all other feedback was positive.

Overall, the experience was fine but I’d recommend not studying specific types of questions but rather on fundamentals and core skills. As you can see, my interviewers all had different styles and went into different amounts of depth.

Good luck to anyone preparing for Google!

Hey thanks for sharing! I have a few questions. How detailed was the feedback? Was it just “hey these guys liked you, but this guy didn’t?” Or was it feedback you can really take to heart to try again?

Did you end up getting an offer? If not are you planning on interviewing again?