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Google DS experience + qs

Recruiter screen

  • Background information on last 3 roles
  • Detail on my last project related to Stats (objectives, challenge, solutions)
  • Programming tools I’ve used

5 rounds, 1 round Behavioral, 3 rounds of stats & data intuition, 1 round of programming

I don’t remember everything but here’s what I have:

stats 1: Some conventional stats questions, such as calculating conditional probability, calculating p value, and whether coin toss is fair or not
stats 2: I was asked a lot of questions about linear regression, lm(y~ x1 + x2) where y and x1 numeric, x2 categorical

data intuition:
Q1) Given a table of online store purchases, including id, the quantity of goods purchased: estimate the average purchase quantity per person in the store
Q2) Google wants to build a new data center: determine the data center size

programming: given a table with user_id, date, search

  1. Calculate the number of people who searched youtube on the first day and searched netflix on the second day
  2. Calculate the number of people who searched youtube without searching netflix for two consecutive days

for the programming can you use sql?

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I interviewed at Google and got an offer (posted my offer for review—any feedback would be great!). Level of difficulty of questions is very similar so I’d get comfortable answering these before your interview.