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Goldman Sachs Quant Interview Questions (NEVER AGAIN!)

I’d never want to go through the interview again… but here are some questions I got that you should practice, practice, practice…

  1. Given a 2D grid, there are rocks in every grid. You are only able to move to the right and up - what is the maximum number of rocks you can pick up?
  2. Use a recursive function to write a fibonacci sequence. What is the recursive method’s benefits and problems?
  3. Explain what a queue and stack is. Use stack to make a queue. What is the worst time complexity of a queue push and pop? What is the worst time complexity of a amortized time complexity?
  4. There are 52 cards in a deck not including jokers. What is the probabiltiy you pick an Ace of Spades?
  5. Assume you put back any card you pull that is not an Ace of Spades. What is the expected value number of times it takes for you to pull an Ace of Spades?
  6. If the payoff for pulling an ace of spades is $1 million and you have to pay $x if you don’t pull an ace of spades, what is a reasonable $x value to propose?
  7. Why do you want to do Quant?
  8. Why do you want to work at GS?
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