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Goldman Engineering Interview Questions

These questions really took me back to college math classes… Glad I still remembered how to do them

-What is the limit of (Cos(x)-1)/x^2 as x approaches 0?
-Alice and Bob choose an integer each in the range of [1, 10]. All choices are equally likely. What is the probability that neither of the chosen numbers will be the square of the other?
-If the probability of a random variable X with space R_x = {1, 2, 3, …, 12} is given by f(x) = k*(2x-1), then, what is the value of the constant k?
-f(x) = integral of (1+t^4) dt from 3 to x. Find f^(-1)’(0), the derivative of the inverse of f, evaluated at 0.
-Which of the following vectors does NOT belong to the subspace spanned by -2i+3j+k and I+j+2k?


What are your thoughts on finance tech vs. silicon valley tech? Curious to hear your thoughts…

Not OP but I also interviewed for Goldman. This is always an interesting question because the environments are quite different. I think it really depends on the type of work you enjoy doing: innovative/experimental (SV) or more rigid and conservative (finance).

I ended up choosing Goldman because I started work in finance and liked the culture. I studied CS but started out in IB. It’s been quite interesting staying in the stay industry but shifting into tech. Might try out a company or even start up in the valley in a few years though to switch things up.

Hope this offers some unique insight!