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Goals for facebook Pages

I know you’ve suggested to use engagement metrics for social products and transaction metrics for utility products.

However, for a question like ‘goals for facebook pages’ - is that a social or a utility product? It is used by businesses, so would the metric be to survey X% of businesses if they were able to achieve what they were looking to accomplish?! This would make it similar to the utility products. Correct?

This is a very interesting question. Most people would say that Pages is a social product — the goal is to get people to spend time on Facebook, following celebrities and causes they like. However recently Pages has shifted much more towards businesses — you could make the case that the goal of pages should be more around buying things from businesses.

In the goal section, I would make this tradeoff clear, talk about the pros and cons and explicitly pick a goal (utility vs. social). There’s no right or wrong answer, but the fact that you would be able to identity that conflicting goal upfront and communicate the tradeoff/your decision would earn you significant brownie points.

(I would probably go down the path of social since I think it’s the original DNA of the product, but you can certainly make a strong case for utility, perhaps extending Marketplace)

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