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FB PM video interview

  • Design a product to help job seekers.

  • FB new friend request drop 5%, what would you do?

  • Trade off between ads vs People you may know

i got the candor fb course and 2 of the wuestions were fully covered there so i aced this and waiting for onsite date


did you get 3 interviews for your video screen? i thought it was just 2

We have the course here for anyone looking into this role. Good luck with your interviews!

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What framework do you suggest using? I’ve heard both pros and cons for CIRCLES. Just starting my prep so anything is helpful.

i’m interviewing with fb soon for pm. did you write out your responses, share your screen and type on a doc, or just not share your written notes? i’ve been practicing with peers all three ways but want to know what to expect for the real thing

i’ve been practicing with a large whiteboard and showing it on screen but am also curious what other people do—have my interview coming up soon

what did you end up doing in the end? used the whiteboard or just screen share?