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Facebook Team Matching!

Here to update the Candor community that I got an offer from Facebook! I’m moving onto team matching and am curious which teams are the best to work for. Hoping to stay at Facebook for the next few years, so I want to work on innovative, new technologies.

Any feedback/commentary helps :slight_smile:

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Congrats - in the newsletter last week Niya had a long list for teams for FB arvr teams and I think in december there was another list she sent with teams to watch for this year. let me know if you can;t find it and I can look for it and send it to you

I’d agree with AR/VR. I believe Facebook is developing their own silicon, so there’s a lot that will be happening in the next few years—hardware and software wise. I’m predicting they’ll be a frontrunner in this space so you should join them and stay.

What role is this for? Seems like engineering?

I saw in Niya’s newsletter that they’re focusing efforts on Marketplace, FB for Business, and FRL (AR/VR as people mentioned above). These 3 teams are probably the ones to join!

AR/VR FTW! I joined a year ago and absolutely love the team

FRL for sure. Marketplace is questionable now that Deb is leaving. I wouldn’t join a team that is leader-less.

I think Marketplace is still very strong and high chance Yulie takes over. Still bullish!