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Facebook SWE On Site Experience

Had my Facebook on-site earlier this year (unfortunately failed the last round) but still thought I’d share my experience and questions asked for anyone interested:

Interview 1

  • Tell me about yourself/introduction
  • Tell me about a previous project experience
  • Given a string of numbers, return all possible letter combinations that the number may represent

Interview 2

  • Given a list of points and a point of origin, find k points closest to the origin
  • Dot product of sparse matrix

Interview 3

  • System design: Design Facebook Messenger (made some mistakes along the way but the interviewer was kind and I got the opportunity to correct my mistakes)

Interview 4

  • Given an unsorted array of integers, return the length of the longest continuous increasing subsequence

I completely bombed the forth interview and it really cost me my chances at the job. I’m not going to give up though. I’ll continue practicing and reviewing the fundamentals (I now know my weak points) and will apply again in a few months. Best of luck to everyone else interviewing!

Thanks for sharing your experience and questions with the community. Best of luck as you continue your prep!