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Facebook Product Design Interview Tips

Facebook’s interview has 4 major aspects
-Portfolio review
-App critique
-Whiteboard exercise
-Background/behavioral interview

Portfolio review
A review of past work when you go over 2-3 projects in detail. You should prepare a slide deck to have structure in your presentation. A tip I found helpful is to start with the final product (final designs and metrics) and then go backwards as the interviewer asks follow up questions. Do not go into detail for everything and pick the most important details. I like to focus on points where key decisions were made.

App critique
You must start with a framework so you don’t miss aspects of the critique. Be sure to:
-cover good and bad designs (suggest improvements for the bad)
-consider all design and product perspectives
-demonstrate multiple layers of thinking

Whiteboard exercise
You will be given an open ended prompt and develop a wireframe solution. Again frameworks are important for this interview—especially with limited time. You can start off with good structure by dividing your whiteboard into different sections (context, problem, solutions). You should be constantly asking questions to clarify and stay in sync. Checking in frequently is always good to make sure you are on the right track.

Background and behavioral interview
Questions will gauge your collaboration, decision making, and introspection skills. I practiced using Candor’s questions and got a few of the same ones during my actual interview. I felt very prepared for the interview and believe my confidence ended up getting me the job! Questions here:


Pushing this to the top because there’s a lot of actionable tips. Used a similar framework and got my offer today!!!

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When you say app critique, do you mean critiquing FB’s app or any app? Is it risky to critique a FB product or do they like it if you do so eloquently/add plenty of praise?

I think the poster meant " any app" - in an interview you shouldn’t worry about offering constructive feedback on an app if asked, it will not be construed negatively if you’re tactful in how you do it.