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Facebook PM prep

I have a Facebook PM interview in ~1 month. I’ve read through Cracking the PM Interview twice now and have been practicing case questions with friends. Any other tips for resources to read/how to prep?

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still deciding if i want to switch from SWE to PM (got an offer from FB for SWE) and am on fence right now. however, during my research i came across the PM course Candor offers—seems to be comprehensive. also verified by PMs so I’d check it out if you haven’t seen it yet

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This course looks pretty neat! Anyone know if it’ll help for Amazon interviews?

From what I’ve heard, FB PM interviews are quite unique with product sense, execution, and leadership and drive. Amazon focuses a lot on leadership principles in their interviews, so this course probably wouldn’t help too much there.

Looks likes Candor has an Amazon course that goes through each LP which would be beneficial for any interview at Amazon. I’m looking to buy it soon: