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Facebook Operations Program Manager Interview

I got contacted by the recruiter via LinkedIn. Then the phone screening with the recruiter happened. The next step was a video interview with the program manager who was in the same role before. The position opened because she moved to another group. However, the hiring manager was sitting in call though he did not ask a single question. They told me he sat there to train the interviewer.
The questions asked were pretty similar to what we see here. The interview went reasonably well that I expected to move forward to the next step, but they sent regrets after 3-4 days.
I am not sure about what to improve on for the next time. I need help with that.


Hey there - thanks for sharing and sorry to hear you didn’t pass.

There’s some interview answer examples here you can compare to to see how other people answer and where you can improve.

You can also post the questions and answers you’re most unsure of here and we can look together where you can improve in the content. Cheers!

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