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Facebook for Olympics

This is how I would answer the question - "How would you design Facebook for the Olympics? ". Happy to get feedback.

To answer this question, can I assume we are talking about the blue FB app/ web experience? Yes.
I would like to follow this framework to answer this question. 1) Start with the Mission of FB and determine the mission for FB for Olympics. 2) Then talk about the different user segments and their needs/ pain points. 3) Come up with a problem statement I would like to focus on for this exercise. 4) Outline some solutions. 5) Prioritize or pick one and talk about tradeoffs. 6) design or determine measure of success time permitting. Does that sound ok?

  1. Mission of FB is to build communities and bring people together. During Olympics, people get together to support their favorite athlete or their country. Hence it makes sense why we would want to build an Olympics experience on Facebook. Mission for FB for the Olympics would be to build communities and bring people together for the Olympics.

  2. Now, let’s talk about the different user segments. There are three types of users involved in Olympics. A) The players, who are coming from across the world to represent their country. B) Organizers, who makes sure everything runs smoothly, marketing, sponsorships, accommodations, safety of the players, etc. and C) The Views – people who follow and want to watch the events either live in person or virtually. This third category is what I am most interested in, given the scale of Facebook and would like to further divide this segment into 3 smaller segments since they have different needs – C1) Fanatics – passionate fans, who know everything about the sport/player. C2) Social Fans – they enjoy watching or following sports in a social circle. They wear the right jerseys and meet friends in the bar to watch the game. C3) Informed – These views might not be passionate about sports, but they care about the news. They want to be on top of the events and up to date with all the information. Fanatics and Informed are great customer segments to look at, but given Facebook reach the potential engagement we can get from the Social Fans segment, I would like to focus on them.

  3. Next, I would like to outline some needs this segment has and potential pain points in the current Olympics viewing experience. 1) They don’t always know when Olympics is happening, what is the time zone and what sports/teams are trending right now to follow. 2) After learning about the different sports/teams and the different matches and their timing, they don’t know what their friends are planning to watch. 3) They may have FOMO or fear of missing out by watching to the wrong match because multiple events happen at the same time. 4) While watching the match, they have a need to share the experience with a social group, have fun and connect with people. 5) Post Olympics, they want to continue to conversation, discuss the results and hopefully stay connected with new friends.

  4. Problem statement I would like to focus on is how to help social fans, watch or follow the right Olympics events to optimize their social experience and make sure they are having a good time.

  5. Based on the above problem statement, here are a few solutions:
    a) List of Events including virtual watch parties - What’s Trending in your area, among your friends. Map GUI of where the hottest Olympics events is for physical events.
    b) VR/AR rooms – where you can watch the game with friends like you are in the stadium/arena.
    c) Hide List – Shut off the news, posts, comments on results that you plan to watch with friends at a more time-zone friendly time.
    d) Your Personalized Olympics Events Journey – integration with your Calendar.

  6. Out of these ideas, I would really want to deep dive into your personalized Olympics Journey. I could start with a quiz that anyone can take individually or with friends. They can select the players/sports they are following, the country they support, the kind of events including time range they are interested in. Based on that information, FB can suggest Olympics 10 weeks plan (2 weeks before start, to 2 weeks after) that users can directly and easily add to their calendar. They can see how many have RSVPed for the events, how many friends are going, virtual and physical events split, what’s hot what’s not, etc. Besides RSVPing to the events, FB will also share information to get ready for them, gear they can purchase, information about the players from Player pages can be integrated, etc. People who are following the same or similar plan, can start connecting and introducing themselves, share what they are looking forward to.

  7. The risk would be if we can personalize or determine the right event based on what we know about the user. To mitigate that, we can collect feedback, allow users to remove events, they don’t like, avoid events where they don’t like a few people, etc.

  8. I would measure the success of this solution by looking at overall Facebook DAU. How many customers enrolled and opt in to this experience would also be an important metric. Additionally, how many people attended events that were tagged as Olympics is additional metric.


This was a very insightful response. What framework is this? Seems a bit different than CIRCLES but I’m new to PM and just started reviewing interview prep materials.

I think this is the framework from the course with David. I don’t think it’s recommended to use CIRCLES for Facebook in particular but I may be wrong here