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Facebook FE interview Experience

my onsite was over video due to covid.

Result: got an offer but was told I need to relocate to the bay area because they don’t have remote headcount for my level. v confusing since i thought FB let folks stay remote now but i guess not all roles.

my backgound : I’ve been a full stack engineer for 3 years and FE for 1.

Interview experience:

  1. First interview of the day was a technical screen - it was a two way conversion of Roman numerals. It was scheduled for 30 mins but I finished early and chatted with the interviewer about their time at FB
  2. Interview with the hiring manager ( I was going for a specific role). I didn’t like her- she interrupted me a bunch and overall was very rude. Asked about side projects I liked working on, which i didn’t really have a lot to say about. Questions were
  • Responsibilities of my last 2 roles
  • Side projects
  • How do i communicate with other engineers
  • Example of conflict
  1. The interviewer asked me to design the search component of the facebook home view.
  2. The interviewer asked a dom tree question.
  • For a web page with many text nodes on it, imagine the user starts highlighting from one of the words, then copies it after stopping. Write a function to return the text he copied. Do it with dfs and it will be done soon.
  1. Last round had 2 Itwo people, one is reverse shadow and the other. The conversation was over in 25 minutes, very easy.

Later, the recruiter said that the interview feedback was very good, so we’re moving to an offer.


Thanks lillypod, this is interesting stuff. Curious to see what the offer looks like when you get the numbers. Congrats

This is super helpful! I’m about to schedule an interview with FB. Congrats on moving onto an offer—curious what FB will offer you!

would love to compare offers when you get yours—posted mine a few days back

Finally got my offer. Just posted here: Facebook E5 Salary (FE)