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Facebook engineering interview?

So I passed Facebook’s technical screening/coding round and am moving onto the “onsites” (online now obviously) and I’m really nervous. Any advice or last minute prep tips?

The Facebook onsite has 4 rounds:

  • Coding (2 sessions, 45 minutes each)
  • The Design Interview (1-2 sessions, 45 minutes each)
  • Getting to Know You (1 session, 45 minutes)

Practicing questions beforehand is the best solution so you are well prepared and know what to expect. Given that you passed the coding screening, the technical interview shouldn’t be too bad. Just brush up with some Leetcode practice.

Since you’re already a part of Candor’s community, I’m sure you’ve seen the interview questions they have. (

Definitely practice for the design interview (system design + product design) and behavioral questions. Don’t forget to practice the behavioral questions because it oftentimes is the deciding factor!

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Thanks for sharing the interview guide and sharing your advice. This is all very helpful.