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Facebook Data Science Prep Tips

So I interviewed there before and was thinking - it’s hard to find ds resources that are good for this. My thoughts on this are that prepping for this role was particularly hard. I mean, easier than the nightmare that is doordash, but still hard.

Here are the best tips I have if you are going to try to interview for Facebook data science

  1. Stats - get proficient in basic concepts. I’m talking get these down: p-value, confidence interval, logistic regression, linear regression, etc AND know how to explain them simply
  2. Get your SQL on - I could have done better on this. Make. sure you practice on like actual calculation problems like rate/percentage, distribution, etc.
    3.A/B testing - candor has. good article on that but also I like udacity’s course for extra prep ( don’t hate me candor peeps)
  3. Don’t stress ML - here’s where I did wrong. I spent like 99.999% of my prep on this. But none of the questions I got were very deep at all. You need to know what model is used when, and the basic assumptions - that’s it folks.

Alright candorites, godspeed!