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Facebook Data Science Phone Interview Experience

The interview takes about 15 minutes, which I found fast compared to how much I prepped for it :crazy_face:

What happened in the phone interview:
Recruiter first asked me to make a high-level description of the last 2 jobs on my resume , specifically what my core responsibilities were. She only let me talk for about a minute on each and interrupted me if I went long. I think she just wanted the high level info.

Job overview-
She then told me about the specific role, how it interacts with product and leaned heavily on how crossfuntional/ collaborative the role is and that I should expect that.

She then asked me a product/ DS question:
How would you determine who a person’s best friend is on Facebook?

She expected a very quick answer and asked me to give her the 3 most important factors/ metrics I would use here without unpacking the question fully.

Then there are 5 sql questions that are quick to ask and answer. What is the default order of Order by, what is the output of inner join, count(distinct), null + 1, and union.

After I finished answering the SQL questions, the recruiter directly told me I would go on to the video screen and to wait for details.

Has anyone done the video screen?


I didn’t expect the phone interview to be this intense. I always thought this was just formality. Was this for a PhD level role?

Can you share when you go to your next interview?

haha I will! :star_struck:

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Telephone screening with the recruiter at Facebook is typically intense from my experience. I was asked for a program manager role, the same thing, a high-level summary of my responsibilities and achievements in my most recent role. The other questions the recruiter asked are:

  1. When would you escalate an issue with your program, and how would you do that?
  2. How would you scale a program?
  3. Can you give me an example when you simplified a process?
  4. How to ensure quality delivery from a vendor? What would you do if the vendor doesn’t meet expectations?
  5. Have you ever worked on a strategic partnership with business?

I was also told that I moved on to the next step on the call itself, and a video screening will be scheduled next.