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Facebook Data Science Interview Prep Tips/Questions

I’ve interviewed for a Facebook Data Science job 3 times (finally got through the 3rd time) and have some tips for people looking to land their dream job at Facebook the 1ST TIME!

Company knowledge

You have to do your research before going into your interview. This means using all of Facebook’s products and being familiar with them.

Interview question: What Facebook products are you familiar with?

It’s great to be able to name all of the product offerings, but showing a depth of knowledge for each product would be more impressive to your interviewer.


You’ll be given a dataset during your interview and you’ll need to use SQL to answer related questions. You MUST pass this round with ease.

Interview question: Given a table with user_id and the dates the user visited Facebook, find the top 100 users with the longest continuous streak of visiting the platform as of yesterday

Interview question: Given a database of posts and comments on the posts, find the average conversations happening in the comments per post

Technical terminology questions

Interview questions:
Explain A/B testing
What is a p-value
Explain Type I/Type II errors
Explain a 95% confidence interval

Knowing the definition is just the starting point. You have to have a deep understanding so you can communicate with technical people but also be able to accurately simplify and explain it to non-technical people. Your ability to define the terms to both ends of the spectrum will be tested when asked these questions.

Product questions

Interview questions:
There’s a 20% decrease in comments on Instagram. As a Data Scientist, what would you do?
How would you improve Facebook notifications?
How would you get Instagram users to use Reels?

Having technical skills is good, but you also need to demonstrate critical thinking skills to make decisions for the product. Being able to brainstorm solutions for issues is the starting point. Being able to shine here will make you stand out—I learned this one the hard way!


Thanks for sharing your questions and experience!

Thanks so much for sharing this.

Would you be able to share the SQL solution for top 100 users. I am struggling to break the count for users with dis-continuous logins.

I needed these product questions—thanks sooooo much!

Any questions that were particularly difficult/I should look out for?