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Facebook Data Engineer Onsite

I have my onsite coming up. Here is the topics that I need to prepare

  1. Product sense: Your interviewer will assess your ability to think critically about the needs of the product in each scenario and how you translate those needs into a robust technical solution
  2. Data Modeling: You’ll brainstorm the data needs of a user product. Then you’ll design a data mart to support analytics use cases.
  3. SQL
  4. Python
  5. Ownership

I am quite confident with SQL, Python, and Ownership. However, I am looking for tips on Product Sense and Data Modeling part. Anyone been through this before?

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Hi, am also looking for any data engineer examples for facebook

We have questions coming in for this role this week and we will add them to the repository here so keep an eye out! Lots of folks have asked for this so we finally got them