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Facebook Culture Fit/Behavioral Interview Tips

Hello Candor community! I’ve interviewed hundreds of people at Facebook and am here to offer you some tips as you may be preparing.

When preparing for your cultural fit interview, be sure you keep in mind Facebook’s core values.

Be Bold

Be Bold, literally means to be bold and innovative. Facebook has grown so much from a simple idea, and we wouldn’t be as successful as we are if we weren’t “bold and innovative.” Facebook encourages employees to raise any questions and ideas. Everyone can contribute and influence regardless of level or position.

Focus on Impact

Focus on Impact, again, literally means to focus on impact. Facebook believes that there are tens of thousands of things that can be done, but our time is limited. We must choose the most important and influential things to do and products to build, instead of wasting time on unrelated things.

Move Fast

This is especially important to Facebook. You should solve the problem as quickly as possible, without fear of the mistakes that may be made in the process. During your interviews, you should show strong problem solving capability, quick decision-making capability, good self-learning capability, and the ability to seek help.

Be Open

Be Open mainly emphasizes the transparency of information. This is related to the core business of Facebook itself. Building an open corporate culture means that employees can have access to the information they need to make key decisions.

Build Social Value

Build Social Value refers to the aspect of corporate social responsibility. Facebook tries to bring the world closer together in everything they do and everything they build. Be sure to demonstrate this value in your responses and connection to past experiences.

Applying the core values to interview responses:

Sample interview question 1:

When you have a conflict with your colleague, how do you resolve it?

Answer: present data and patiently explain your opinions to try to convince them

Follow-up: No matter how hard you work, there is no way to persuade your colleagues. What would you do in this case?

Combining Facebook’s core values: I will stick to my ideas and put them into practice quickly and let the results speak for themself. In the case that my approach is wrong, I will also find ways to quickly correct the mistake.

Sample interview question 2:

Have you missed a deadline? Why?

Answer: Mentioning team member not completing work…

The above answer seems to answer the interviewer’s question, but there is a risk:

  1. Blaming someone evades responsibility and can make you hard to work with

  2. Shows a lack of problem solving abilities

How should you answer instead?

Describe why you didn’t meet the deadline. Provide just enough context and keep the response short.

Then, talk about the actions you took. Did you realize early on? Did you realize right before the deadline? Show how you made key decisions to minimize damage.

Why is this the way to answer? you might ask. From the core values, we see that Facebook doesn’t care about how you were wrong, who was wrong, and who should be held accountable. We focus on how you were able to solve the problem quickly—move fast.

The same framework should be applied to other values. Answer the negative part briefly, but spend a lot of time talking on the action (connecting to values) and how you improved.


Thanks for sharing this with the community!

Hey thanks for this! Hoping to be interviewing with FB soon for a PM role. I love the sample interview questions, super helpful