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Facebook, Amazon, Udemy ds experience

Udemy vs:
70 minutes 11 questions, 1 SQL, 1 python, the rest is multiple choice or fill in the blanks, basically about probability and testing. It feels overall difficult because time is tight.

Amazon full loop:
recruiter screen
Are you actively looking for opportunities? Why ?Amazon
What makes you think you can be successful in this role?

Interview questions:

  1. walk me through one of your project that used machine learning algorithms,
    what is the most challenging part,
    how did you solve it,
    why did you pick this algo instead of others
  2. Overfitting, how do you see if there is overfitting and how to avoid it.
  3. The difference between regularization and L1 L2, why not use L4 or L0.5
  4. A simple SQL question
  5. A simple Python question, followed by algorithm complexity, which I failed miserably

How would you identify spam friend applications. Follow up > What should I do if all of these methods fail?


Can you post any of the udemy questions? was it on hirevue?

How did you study for amazon? Struggling a little with prep right now

Thanks for sharing these! The Facebook one is definitely a good one to practice.