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Does Google match salaries?

I am an L5 at Lyft, with per year TC of 400k (200k base and 200k stocks).
I want to join Google as an L5, but not with a pay cut.
Will Google match or exceed my current compensation without any other offers in hand? From what I see on Levels.FYI, Google’s L5 band is around 350k.

Try posting here, you’re more likely to get a response:

I don’t really have an offer from Google either.

You can consider mentioning your current TC when asked for expectations if the salary band for the role is lower than your current TC. No guarantee they’ll match, but this is probably the best approach in my opinion.

There is a risk when doing this. If you pull a number (your current TC for example) that is out of the range for the level, setting the expectation, they may end up not continuing with the interview process if it’s too far fetched… UNLESS you are able to bring immense value to the company.

I would actually rather not go through the interview process if they cannot match salaries.

Google will generally try to match current comp although 400k for L5 is a stretch. You’ll likely get an offer that slightly lower but includes a 50k+ signon bonus.

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Separately: this is quite a common situation to be in, Lyft pays above market (best paying company for SWE according to our internal data) and you’ll likely have to take a hit wherever you go (unless you’re able to get an L6 equivalent offer).

Very interesting to know about Lyft. Thanks for sharing the internal data!