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Does anyone have information on Palantir interviews for engineer?

anything you have would help- please share

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There are three questions in total, with increasing difficulty. input is a two-dimensional array, representing the height of a terrain.

  • find all points that are strictly larger than neighbors (up, down, left, and right, the diagonal is also counted,

prompt is to find the highpoints and return an array where true= highpoint


the second question after finding highpoints, we say that all highpoints have water sources. The water will spread like a nearby stream that is strictly lower than it, which is equivalent to forming a water map.

and #3 was to find the plateaus.The definition of plateau is a set of connected points of equal height.

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For 2 - Are all 8 neighbors counted? Does it flow one by one to lower places?

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anyone have other screenshots? have an interview coming up soon and i need much more practice!!!

the system design round I got from last year ago :slight_smile:

Design a recipe app

hope this helps

Following this post—please share resources/questions!

Anyone have more updates?