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Discussion: What's your interview setup?

Video interviews can be hard to build rapport in and making sure you have the right setup is crucial for a making a positive first impression

Please add your suggestions below too and I’ll edit this post to include anything I missed.

Hardware :ping_pong:

This is the setup of Andrew Chen from Az16

1. Get an external camera.

  • Being able to adjust the angle, focus and clarity of the picture makes a huge difference in how you’re perceived. Nothing says " non starter" faster than a blurry image.

2. Get your lighting right

  • Get a simple, cheap ring light from Amazon for $20. The light should be pointing directly at you, slightly from above. Please don’t be the creepy person calling in from a pitch black room, no interviewer likes that.
  • Test your lighting with your camera before the interview

3. Whiteboard right
I’m not a huge fan of actual whiteboards because often the interviewer can’t read it over video. Instead after a ton of trial and error, my suggestion is:

Tablet + ipad pencil + jamboard

The interviewer can also make notes and interact on jamboard, it’s free and super easy for both you and the interviewer to download afterwards. make sure you practice before you use it in a live interview!!!

Put the interviewer at ease

  • Take the initiative and start the conversation - ask about their day, thank them or their time, tell them you’re excited - whatever you do, set the energy level right from the beginning
  • Communicate proactively when you’re solving problems - if you need to step away or you need more time to solve the problem: say it. The interviewer may not see you taking handwritten notes and may think you’re not able to answer the question.
  • Be confident, even if it’s a big interview. Work on how to project yourself correctly

Lmk if you have other tips that worked for you!!~


I like the sticky whiteboard post-its from amazon : here

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Lighting has really upped my video quality. I use this light from Amazon for my setup and it’s great for the price!


if you have a CD around, i’ve been using this trick for recent whiteboard interviews and it allows me to write with paper + pencil!

this looks so cool- have to try it out

I like this one, good value


love this! now i have to go find a cd… :rofl:

So cool! Need to get a better camera for my computer, since I’ll be interviewing soon :sweat_smile: Anyone have camera suggestions? I’m willing to pay quite a bit for a good one

if you have a gopro you might be able to use it as a webcam. they just released some new software i believe. if you’re looking for a real webcam however, anything external should be better than what’s built into your laptop. check this article out for suggestions:

haha i saw this years ago but wfh has got me actually wanting to try it out

this is such a cool set up! will have to upgrade from just my laptop :rofl: