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DISAPPOINTING Amazon Data Science Interview Experience + Interview questions

I had a CS PhD interviewer who was no enthusiastic at all. Felt like he really didn’t want to be interviewing and had no interest in listening to my responses/have a conversation. Overall very disappointed.

It was also shocking because he said that I don’t have a good grasp on statistics. However, I have a background in math and statistics. I’m not sure how he came to that conclusion and didn’t bother to ask…

Here are some interview questions I got for my DS interview:

  1. Tell me about a difficulty your ML project has encountered before
  2. How do you chose a ML model when beginning work on a new project?
  3. Easy coding question about finding odd and even numbers in a list of arrays
  4. Explain decision tree learning and how to evaluate them and the boosting method
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Sorry this happened to you- I’ve been in that position and you can just tell when the interviewer is not into it. It really blows.