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Citadel SWE Interview debrief

Since I got help on my offer, wanted to give back to the community and give info on my interview there as swe. hope it helps those of you going in now:

The virtual onsite has 4 rounds and for me in was over 2 days.

Round 1/ day 1 was 2 rounds of algorithm and C++ basics, one round of behavioral interview.
Q1: Given a character matrix and a word vector, find all the words contained in the word vector in the matrix given.
Q2: throttling gateway (
Q3 Was a behavioral interview with a product manager. I actually found that pretty challenging and I was glad I had referenced others answers in the community here before. I was asked about conflict, howe I sort priorities and to give examples of how I’ve worked with PMs before.

Round 2/ day 2 was with the hiring manager and mostly just going over my past experience.

I posted my offer on another thread here in case y’all are curious. good luck everyone!

So the second day you just talked to a hiring manager? Seems weird they wouldnt just put it all in one day. Also since you said behavioral was challenging, were there any weird Qs that tripped you up?

Thanks for sharing

Can you link the thread with your offer? Would love to see it, am thinking of pursuing a Citadel job